With a distinct aroma and irresistible flavor, it has commanded the attention of the world. The coffee trade is immense, second only to that of oil in its value. The history of coffee is filled with stories of those who sought to control that trade, who exacted high tariffs on coffee roasters and those who found ways to circumvent those controls.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Coffee gelatin

Originally, coffee gelatin was considered a poor person’s dessert, because it used leftover coffee. Left over coffee may be added to fresh coffee when it is prepared for the next meal or in hot weather, it may be used for iced coffee.

It may also be used to flavor gelatin, which when sweetened and served with whipped cream, makes an excellent dessert.

The recipe is nothing more than reheated coffee, sugar and unflavored gelatin stirred together and refrigerated until firm. Eaten plain, the coffee gelatin is much less sweet than any fruit flavored gelatin from a packaged mix, a humble ending to a traditional New England meal.
Coffee gelatin
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