Friday, April 21, 2017

Turkish coffee

In the Middle East, two types of coffee are made: Arabic coffee, which is drunk solely in Arab communities, particularly in Saudi Arabia, Yemen and by the Bedouin; and Turkish coffee, which is fashionable in the cities, especially in the ones influenced by Ottoman Empire and in Turkey.

Turkish coffee is a dense black coffee in tiny cups, the flavor of freshly ground coffee beans lingering in one’s mouth. It is a method of brewing that is popular across North Africa, Arabia and the Middle East. Turkish coffee is brewed in small, long handled tin-lined brass pits (called kanaka, rakwi or ibrik in Arabic and cezve in Turkish).
Traditionally, Turkish coffee is heavily sweetened and spiced with cardamom, but depending on the coffee chosen, a well made pot can show a lot of varietal characteristics and neither sugar nor cardamom is necessary to enjoy it.

Turkish coffee is a concentrated and potent drink, so the recommended serving should be approximately 3 fluid ounces (92 ml).
Turkish coffee
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