Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Arabica coffee taste and aroma

The cup quality –low caffeine content and fine aroma, of C. arabica makes it by far the most important species, representing 70% of world production.

Arabica coffee has a wide tasting and aroma range that will depend on its varieties. Arabica coffee can have a sweet-soft taste reminiscent of fruit, honey or caramel and it can also have a sharp-tangy taste.

Generally, pure Arabica blends are the best tasting coffee, a fact that is reflected in its higher price. Arabica coffee contains less caffeine which is about half quantity caffeine in robusta coffee.

The Arabica bean is distinguished due to the higher proportion of oils by a richer taste. It contains less chlorogenic acid than other coffees. Arabica is more digestible than other varieties.
Arabica coffee taste and aroma
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