Sunday, September 22, 2019

Coffee luwak

Luwak coffee is one of the Indonesia traditional coffee that known globally because of its unique aroma and flavor. Luwak coffee is produced from the fermentation process in digestion of civet. Luwak coffee production is still limited due to the difficulty level in the use of civet animals as the only medium of Luwak coffee making.

The coffee beans are collected by sifting civet cat’s excrement and washing and roasting the digested beans to produce the sought after flavor. It is believed that the digestive conditions of the cat impart a unique flavor and aroma to the coffee.

Special taste and odor of luwak coffee are caused by the change of protein, fat and caffeine content. Luwak coffee has a distinctive taste and unique, so it has a high selling price in the international coffee market.

The production of luwak coffee is still limited because the civet as the only medium of luwak coffee making. World consumer interest in luwak coffee causes the increase of luwak coffee demand.
Coffee luwak

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