Friday, July 24, 2020

Caffè normale

Also known as caffè normale, caffè is the foundation of any Italian coffee drink. A caffè is simply an espresso, served black and only in one shot increments.

The taste of coffee is not altered by any other ingredient, unless the customer want to add some "zucchero" (sugar) to sweeten it.

Caffè espresso or caffè normale: is the most typical Italian coffee, it is made by the specific automatic coffee machine. There are many types of coffee machines, but for the most part they aim to achieve the same goal. The modern machine provides 3 main functions: Brewing coffee, steaming milk and extracting hot water.

The “perfect” extraction is when the coffee has got the features needed in an espresso: a beautiful brown with cream stripes, intense aroma and a rich and balanced flavor.
Caffè normale

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