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Vienna Coffeehouse

The first coffee house in Europe opened in Venice in 1647. The first coffee houses in England were opened in 1650 and 1652. And in Vienna the first coffee house opened only in 1683.

Vienna Coffee is the name of a popular traditional cream-based coffee beverage. It is made by preparing two shots of strong black espresso in a standard sized coffee cup and infusing the coffee with whipped cream (as a replacement for milk and sugar) until the cup is full.

Then the cream is twirled and optionally topped off with chocolate sprinklings. The cream actually is more than aesthetic as it allows the coffee flavour to be drawn through the cream, resulting in a fantastic, deliciously creamy coffee.

The first coffee house in Vienna was actually opened by the Armenian spy Diodato. He served at the Viennese Imperial court and was a man full of secrets. He knew about the dark beans and the art of preparing coffee from his home country.

The Viennese coffeehouse has always been a central meeting point for literates, musicians and artists. Therefore, the coffee house culture stands for atmosphere, freedom of mind and creative working, without being alone; at the same time it is strongly connected with indulgence and relaxation.

The Vienna Coffee House is a true stem cell for creating new ideas, concepts, poems, literature, political declarations, etc. It is an incubator within an ethnic and cultural melting pot.

In general, the Viennese, who mostly lived in tiny, crowded flats, regarded the elegant coffee houses as their "extended living rooms" or second homes where they could meet friends and other people. After World War One, the first dance caf├ęs opened and played popular American jazz music.
Vienna Coffee

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